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    Social Media

    social media

    10 plus years of Social Media skills..

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    Marketing / SEO

    13 years of marketing / SEO and much more.

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    Web Developer

    15 years of development, skills.


We pride ourselves keeping up to date and sharpening our skills daily.


Development 92%
Design 84%
Marketing 71%


Development 90%
Design 89%
Marketing 78%


Development 99%
Design 83%
Marketing 77%


We help our clients with marketing, analyzing, and optimizing their website to improve their business.










We work with clients closely to set goals and come up with a gameplan.


We offer our web design clients a fresh perspective and effective approach to each project.

  • Application Development

    Android and iPhone App Development.

    I build applications using iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch ,Xcode Objective C and Android SDK, plus cross platform technologies that include HTML5, CSS3.

    iOS (iPhone) is the app leader reaching millions of users of all nationalities and demographics using the Apple App Store. Whether you want to gather consumer information, build brand awareness, increase engagement, grow your social media or increase in-app purchases, my iPhone application development services work with best mobile app developers.

    We have developed and deployed business apps, games, web applications and more. Our iPhone Application Development services are known for good design and user interfaces. We stay on top of the latest technologies and trends in the industry. This ensures your custom iPhone app or Android app is both future centric and backward compatible. We submit your application to Google Play and the Apple Store. Our dev team gets our apps approved on the first upload!

    Our Custom Android and iPhone App Development team has done it all, so you are in good hands. -

    To learn more about how we work, please use the contact form below about our Android & IOS mobile app development services to learn how our mobile application developers can help your business.

    More details.
  • Food Blog Design

    New Food Blog Design.

    Today we started a new web design for a food blog. It will be built on the Genesis Platform for WordPress. The child theme will be coded and designed by us and should be out of test site mode in 3 months.

  • LinkedIn

  • Web design and Development

    Web design is building/creating websites. When designing a site you should consider page layout, the content, and graphics. Web design and website development often mean the same thing. Web design is really a subset of the category of called web development.

    Websites and blogs are created using two markup languages called HTML and XHTML. Web designers create pages using HTML and CSS that define the content and metadata of the website. The layout and appearance of modern sites are done using (CSS) cascading style sheets. Most websites today include a combination of HTML and CSS that affect or determine how each page will appear in web browsers.

    HTML and CSS code. 

    A very popular way to design blogs / websites is with a CMS or content management system like WordPress. These services provide many different different website templates that can be used for free as a starting point for a website. Website owners can add content and customize the layout using a simple web-based editor similar to a Word doc.

    HTML and CSS are used to design the look of a website. Images are created using tools like Photoshop or Gimp. Graphic design works with web design. Graphic designers usually create images for use in websites. Many graphics can easily be found for free and optimized for websites. We will add to this post a list of resources and tools.

    Atlanta web design
  • Web Host

    Switching Hosting.

    Today I switched host and moved to Blogger. Finally got our new site out of design testing and domain all set up. IWP is now live and hopefully search engines index correctly and don't penalize for duplicate content? Google is pretty smart so not really worried too much about it.

    Here is a snapshot!

    I have been pretty happy with Godaddy after being with Bluehost for years. Basically just have to get used to a different console. Future post will be made up of tutorials, tools, graphics and a few personal things. Check out IWP!

    Kris Kinard. Powered by Blogger.

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